"Most musicians "play" their music. Harry Cardillo, on the other hand, is a musical stylist who interprets his music as if it was a flowing work of art that embodies the nuance of sensation, emotion and sensuality. Harry is Basie, Earl Grant and Eddie Haywood embodied into keyboard distinction that pulsates as an enthusiastic movement of musical brilliance with piano keys dancing over notes of harmonious instrumental sounds. A blending of sounds and the uncanny ability to develop a relationship between competing and yet collaborating notes always results in a pleasing and tastefully balanced performance by Harry Cardillo which has become his musical signature. Most musicians "play" their music. Harry caresses, encourages and challenges his music and when at his very best he produces pure pleasure and a sensation that lifts the spirits while creating an attitude of wonderment and ecstasy." - Fritz M. Heinemann, President and CEO, Economics Pennsylvania

“Harry is one of the best young piano players around. To hear him is a great joy." - Nathan T. Davis, Ph.D., Director, Jazz Studies, University of Pittsburgh School of Music

"Without a doubt, Harry is Pittsburgh's most versatile and talented pianist. His touch is both light and engaging and his repertoire of jazz, classical and pop compositions is amazing." - Patricia Nepper, VP Trombino Piano Gallerie

"Harry Cardillo has been the piainst in the Palm Court of the Omni William Penn Hotel during my tenure. I have enjoyed his performances and appreciate his talent. Harry interacted with our guests and added to the ambiance of our lobby. We wish Harry continued success in his future endeavors." - Eric DeStefano, General Manager, Omni William Penn Hotel

"Harry is a phenomenal educator. He has a wealth of knowledge, and experience that he brings to the table. Harry provided me with all the tools I needed to pursue music at the college level, and I am reaping the benefits of his teaching." - Brendan T. Lowery