Hi Harry, What a great website with your music. Really is great. Anyone after seeing and hearing this would love to have you play or teach them......

06.27.10Reseda Mickey

Soooo glad to see you out and about! You're good and all, but I know that's 4 hands - because I bought the CD. When's the next one out? I'll be listening! XXXX You broke my heart but I Love you anyway - Reseda

04.20.10Kathy Fong

lovely,lovely,lovely.... so wonderful to hear you on my desktop!

03.18.10Joe Vizzini

You look and sound wonderful, My love do Chris and your father. Keep on keepin on.
As always

03.11.10cherl crews

Hey cuz,
Lookin' good. I still want to talk to you about recording a cd entitled..."Grandma sang it best" Do you think we miight be able to work on it together from afar. I got the kids if you can learn the songs maybe you could come down to the school and work with us and our music teacher? Lets talk about it.
love you and miss you,

02.28.10Michele Bensen

Your site is really great Harry! I like the choice of tunes also and it's a nice touch to have someone who is searching your site to be listening to you playing. I hope that this brings you more bookings and students. Thanks again for helping me today and we'll be talking soon.
Musically yours,